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Waimea Weekly Update December 13, 2010 23:25:17

Waimea Weekly Update

To Hawaiians, Waimea Bay is a magical place; an ahupua'a, or natural land division that is self-contained, providing everything necessary to sustain life, from the mountain to the ocean and the waves, and between the valley walls.

For big wave riders, Waimea Bay has long been a place for contemplation and connecting with life and others through the challenge, the thrill, and the partnership with nature that comes with riding giant surf.

But when the waves are small, or even flat, like Waimea has been over the past week, and as it is during the summer, it is a time to focus on other aspects important to life, like fishing to feed your family and community, or tending to the general business of life.

Like others before him, Aikau's activities were cued by the ocean. A lack of big waves didn't mean time away from the sea. There was much to be learned from the ocean no matter what was going on above the surface.

Aikau found great solace in the ocean and shared it with a handful of his closest friends. Eddie and Jose Angel, his mentor both on the waves and in life, would dive together on occasion. Their underwater explorations were a great fit for big wave riding, expanding their lung capacity, teaching them about the ocean floor, its affect on how the big waves broke, and the 3-D experience that is Waimea Bay.

They say riding big waves brings you closer to God. But most times, just being away from land and in the ocean is enough to get you contemplating. The ocean has a way of silencing all the noise and worldly concerns; it takes you right to the heart of a much bigger picture. That's the kind of connection guys like Aikau and Angel had and Waimea was where they found it. Decades on, one ocean still connects us all: generations, races, nations, and that's what Waimea Bay is all about - connecting.