Event is


Live is



18-20 ft+


High 16:42, 04:07 Low 23:27, 10:03



Schedule : Next call at 8.30AM

updated : Thurs, 20 Jan, 7.40 AM (local time)

Swell incoming, 6:30am HST call January 20, 2011 00:02:00

Swell incoming, 6:30am HST call

Organizers of the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau, Fueled by Monster Energy, spent the day setting the stage for the world's most prestigious big wave event at Waimea Bay on Oahu's North Shore. While the verdict is still out on whether the contest will be a 'go' tomorrow, organizers are giving it a 50/50 chance as we approach midnight Hawaii time.

Waves have continued to steadily increase throughout the afternoon at Waimea and a small army of workers will press on through the night to the sounds of loud, rumbling surf.

The digital age science of surf forecasting has played its part and now it comes down to the age-old waiting game of seeing what daybreak reveals.

"Every swell has a story," said Contest Director George Downing. "No matter what tomorrow brings, a big day at Waimea is always a special day and there will be no shortage of stories by the time the sun sets. Of course, we hope as much as anyone that the event will be a 'go', but ultimately we don't make the call, the Bay does."

The official call will be broadcast live tomorrow morning, starting at 6:30am, on www.quiksilver.com/eddie, and in Hawaii on cable channels 11 and 15, and Oceanic Time Warner digital cable channels 250 and 1250.